Bed & Breakfast Monteriggioni

Among the gentle and picturesque hills of Siena, in the medieval village of Monteriggioni Castle called XII century stands the former Palace of the Podesta in all his pride, offering tourists cozy rooms and breathtaking views. The B & B Piazza is located in a picturesque stretch of the Tuscan territory in our section of the Via Francigena, an important pilgrimage route that leaves to the nearby city of Siena Siena’s famous nickname of “Daughter of Stada.”
Not least the riches left by the Etruscans in the district who have left traces for fans.
Territory to discover which offers many possibilities for cultural tourism dynamic food and wine or just pure relaxation and healthy.

We look forward to warmly

We look forward to warmly Giving you a welcome in our Bed & Breakfast In Piazza, located in the main square in the center of the castle, in the Palazzo del Podesta.